About Outpost

Outpost is the sustainable space company. We enable precision Earth Return of satellites and orbital payloads.

Today, work in space is inefficient, wasteful, and expensive. Outpost radically reduces the cost and time of working in space and unlocks an iterative,  sustainable space economy for the future. Our two-stage re-entry system offers low-mass, high-efficiency Earth Return, and our advanced autonomous paraglider technology delivers unparalleled landing precision for full recovery of satellites and payloads from space, providing assurance for research projects and enabling the reuse of satellites. 

We believe that our future in space must be built with sustainability at its core and that efficient, precise Earth Return is essential for the development of new industries in space and the improvement of life on Earth. Outpost allows companies to iterate on technical developments in space and ensure mission success. 

Outpost was founded in 2020 by industry veterans Jason Dunn, Michael Vergalla, and Aaron Kemmer. 

Outpost. A New Take On Space.

Video: To Space And Back (And Back Again) Extending The Life of Satellites. Jason Dunn, CEO of Outpost, was invited to present at the Amazon MARS conference hosted by Jeff Bezos before an esteemed group of world leading machine learning and robotics academics/entrepreneurs, Nobel laureates, astronauts, and more.

Outpost Press Kit 2023