Building the World's First Returnable Satellite

Earth Return for Hosted Payloads

From launch to landing, Outpost is your operational space platform customized to your needs.

You don't need to be a space company to go to space. We'll get you there and back.

Payload Integration and Test
Mission and Payload Operations
Launch Management and Integration
Insurance and Risk Management
Ground Station Support
Regulatory Compliance

Why Space

How Outpost can help you innovate in the new frontier

Affordable TRL Flight Heritage

Outpost offers the quickest and easiest way to establish TRL flight heritage, accelerating go-to-market for new space technologies

Technology Testing for Any Industry

Our hosted payload service provides commercial and government technology developers the ability to rapidly iterate and improve their new technologies in orbit, unlocking innovation and capability.

Your Own Research Lab in Space

Outpost is opening space to scientific research, at scale. We not only offer an affordable means of putting experiments in orbit, we offer the unique capability of operating your experiments in space and putting the results back in your hands.

The World's First Returnable Satellite

Outpost’s 200 kg satellite is outfitted with a low mass, fully deployable, two-stage re-entry system.

The first stage consists of an inflatable heat shield, developed and tested in collaboration with NASA. The second stage consists of our proprietary, fully autonomous paraglider, which returns your payload to Earth with landing-pad precision. 

Our Timeline to
Ferry Fleet

Mission One: Failure is an Option
June 2023
In Orbit

Our first satellite mission was a rapidly developed program to test our avionics and control systems while gaining flight heritage. In only 7 months, Outpost built two flight model satellites featuring in-house designed and built power systems, communications, computers, harnessing and ADCS. Mission 1 expedited the development of a minimum viable product, reflecting our 'fail-fast' philosophy and first-principles strategy.

Mission Two: DeBug As You Go
November 2023
In Orbit

A NASA-funded orbital mission launched on SpaceX's Transporter-9 that conducted an in-orbit demonstration of Gaspak: a low mass, clean gas generator. Gaspak was developed by Outpost under a NASA contract to optimize NASA's inflatable heatshield technology.

Mission Three: Earth Return

In 2024 we will begin building a fleet of returnable satellite Ferries, exponentially increasing our annual payload capacity and ushering in a new era of satellite constellations.

The Flight-Tested Fleet

In 2025 we will begin reflying the ferries in our fleet, dramatically reducing operating costs and exponentially increasing access to orbit