Outpost Celebrates Successful Mission-2 Launch

On Saturday, November 11th, our second Ferry-1 satellite mission launched on the SpaceX Transporter-9 flight out of Vandenberg, CA. Mission-2, “Debug As You Go”, has already succeeded at the main mission objectives and has allowed our core satellite bus to gain significant flight heritage. All satellite systems are functioning nominally and we are receiving good uplink commanding and downlink telemetry. This was our second of two experimental test flights developed and flown this year and paves the way for our upcoming Earth returning satellite flights. NASA joined this mission as our first revenue generating payload customer.

The mission name, “Debug As You Go” reflects the iterative development nature of our product development in which we are constantly debugging problems on the fly and pushing towards flight. All in all, in only 11 months we went from the decision to fly two missions to qualify for flight, deliver and successfully operate two satellites in space with customer payloads on both missions.

Thanks to all who have supported us in this ambitious goal and for putting your trust in Outpost; the success of Mission-2 is your success too!