Outpost’s Inaugural Mission of our Hosted Payload Platform

Mission 1: Failure is an Option

Outpost, the sustainable space company, is thrilled to announce our first-ever mission, "Failure is an Option." Flying on SpaceX’s Transporter-8 launch this June, Outpost aims to test and evaluate the performance of our hosted payload satellite subsystems and avionics and successfully bring into orbit our first customer payload. Outpost has also innovated on the standard satellite structure materials and this launch will have the first ever-to-be-flown carbon fiber CubeSat frame! This is the first step in Outpost’s roadmap to develop the first ever payload platform to return to Earth with precision landing.

Outpost's mission name, "Failure is an Option," is not a coincidence - it reflects the company's embrace of failure as an integral part of the development process. “Rather than fearing failure, Outpost views it as an indispensable catalyst for innovation and growth. We firmly believe that by failing fast, we can iterate, adapt, and ultimately succeed faster,” says CEO, Jason Dunn.

The ability to iterate quickly is a big part of Outpost’s ethos and one we seek to bring to market with our Earth return payload platform called Ferry. Outpost will provide customers with a reliable system that will deliver their payloads to space, operate them to support the customer’s needs, and then return that customer payload back to Earth. “Long mission durations and infrequent downmass options typically slow innovation cycles that require the space environment; we aim to remove that bottleneck to accelerate innovation.” explains Paul Tomko, Director of Business Development at Outpost. With Ferry, Outpost will unlock new use cases to current and new space exploration participants, foster the development of technologies, increase access to space, and give customers the cutting edge ability of getting their payload delivered straight back into their hands.

Outpost's Exceptional Team

This mission is a testament to the unwavering dedication of the exceptional team at Outpost, whose efforts and commitment have propelled the company to this significant milestone. In only 7 months, the Outpost team designed and built two flight model satellites featuring in-house designed and built power systems, communications, computers, harnessing and ADCS. At the core of their success in productivity is a fail-fast philosophy and a first-principles approach, which enables reaching a minimum viable product as quickly as possible. Go Team!

Outpost welcomes future customers, space enthusiasts, researchers, and industry stakeholders to follow along as we forge a path toward a more sustainable and scalable future in satellite operations.

Press Contact:

Marilee Jooste