Outpost Awarded USSF Contract To Deliver Equipment to Space and Back

The contract support's USSF’s efforts to enable capabilities that can transition to the commercial market sector.

Key Points for Outpost: 

  • Under this $1.7M contract, Outpost will further develop their Ferry satellite as a resilient & reusable space transportation system capable of delivering 125kg payloads to and from space. 

  • Outpost’s Equipment Ferry will provide a cost-saving solution for in-space transportation by enabling the recovery of equipment and spacecraft components from space to be refurbished for re-flight.

Outpost, the sustainable space company developing the first platform for returning satellites to Earth with their innovative paraglider re-entry system, has been selected for a $1.7M contract under the US Space Force’s Orbital Prime Initiative. This contract will support the development of Outpost’s “Equipment Ferry,” an adaptation of their Ferry satellite which provides precision Earth return of payloads from orbit. The Equipment Ferry will be a low cost, reusable system to transport up to 125kg of hardware and equipment to and from space. 

Outpost’s platform will reduce the cost of access to space by enabling the recovery of spacecraft and hardware to be refurbished and re-flown. In order to improve space access and continue pursuing new space technologies, we need more mobility and must have a rapid, flexible and affordable transportation system to and from orbit. For the space economy to flourish, companies and institutions need regular delivery and precision Earth return to iterate quickly in the space environment.