Outpost to Launch "Mission-2: Debug As You Go"

Outpost is excited to launch our second Ferry-1 satellite called “Mission-2: Debug As You Go” on SpaceX’s Transporter9. After launching our inaugural mission just five months ago, we are now launching Mission 2, an experimental test flight of Outpost’s core bus technology.

The Ferry-1 satellite is designed to host payloads for customers, and for Mission-2 we will be flying two customer payloads; one for NASA Langley and one for ETH Zurich. NASA Langley has contracted Outpost to develop and fly GasPak: a low mass, cool gas generator developed to support NASA’s inflatable heat shield technology. ETH Zurich will be flying a new GPS system to gain flight heritage.

This mission is on our accelerated roadmap to achieve flight heritage on our systems as we gear up toward Earth return flights in 2024.